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Recreation of the special sheet with 8 stamps & cancellations commemorating the 50th birthday of Adolf Hitler. Signed in the corner by the dictator himself!


The sheet includes the following 8 postal stamps and cancels specially made for the occasion:

  1. Munich, "the Capital of the Movement" (München, Hauptstadt der Bewegung) 
  2. Nuremberg, "the City of Party Rallies" (Nürnberg, die Stadt der Reichsparteitage). The cancel shows the medieval imperial castle in Nuremberg. 
  3. Berlin, "the Capital of the Empire" (Berlin, Reichshauptstadt). The stamp commemorated the run celebrating 5th anniversary of Nazis taking power. 
  4. Saarbrücken, "Saarland is German" (Saarbrücken, Deutsch die Saar). The stamp and cancel show the Gautheater Saarpfalz (Theater Saarbrücken) commisioned by Josef Goebbels and built in 1937-8. The opening (with Wagner's opera of course) was attended by Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler themselves.
  5. Braunau am Inn,  "1889-1939"; the stamps shows the visit of Adolf Hitler in his home town after annexation of Austria.
  6. Eger (now Cheb), "Sudetenland is German" (Deutsch der Sudentengau)
  7. Memel (Klaipėda), "Memelland is German" (Deutsch das Memelland)
  8. Vienna, "Austria is German" (Wien, Deutsch die Ostmark). The stamp shows the monument to Prince Eugene of Savoy on Heldenplatz, the cancel shows the cathedral in Vienna.

Adolf Hitler - 50th Birthday Stamps Sheet

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