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Reproduction of the 50th birthday postcard with a stamp showing Adolf Hitler in Braunau after annexation of Austria. 

The postcard shows landmarks of 8 cities of the Reich important for the Nazi movement and Hitler's early accomplishments

  • Berlin (the capital),
  • Munich (the capital of the Party - NSDAP),
  • Nuremberg (city of Annual Party Rallies),
  • Eger (in annexed Sudetenland),
  • Memel (annexed in 1939),
  • Saarbrucken (Rheinland remilitarized in 1936 in first violation of peace treaty),
  • Braunau (birthplace of the dictator),
  • Vienna (the capital of annexed Austria)


The card says "1889-1939 - 50th birthday of the Führer". 

The stamp pasted onto the card says: "Der Führer in seiner Geburtsstadt Braunau 12-3-38" meaning "The Führer in his birth-town Braunau on 12th March 1938". It's an actual stamp. Cancelled with a special commemorative 50th anniversary stamp from Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg or Braunau (you choose). 

Adolf Hitler - 50th Birthday Postcard (cities)

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