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Pioneer of 35mm film, portable cameras, Leica gained world-wide fame well before Nazis came to power in 1933. The owner, Ernst Leitz II, being politically active democrat, apparently called them "brown monkeys" in public (naturally before they were in charge). Money, fame and likely diplomatic skills saved Mr. Leitz from revenge. Although he had to skillfully navigate the relationship with the new regime, he and his company emerged victorious and produces cameras uninterrupted till this day.

Krause Papierwerke offers absolutely faithful recreations of: 

  • User's manuals (3 parts) in English (1938) and German (1936)

  • Envelope in which US user's manuals came, stamped with camera's serial number of your choice (!) along with the registration card

  • Colorful brochure (in German) advertising Leica products with prices in Reichs-Mark

  • Autographed photo of Ernst Leitz II, Leica owner and manager from 1920-1956

  • Ernst Leitz's application to join NSDAP from 1942

  • Erwin Rommel's "thank-you" letter to Ernst Leitz for Leica III camera presented to the famous general

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