German soldiers would not be using civilian money. They used special banknotes issued to all members of the Wehrmacht. 

The war-time pay stretched from ~RM100 for Private (Schütze) to ~RM1700 for a General (some allowances came on top). Soldat could have an evening full of joy and fun for ~5RM.

There's a number of banknotes available. RM (Reichsmark) banknotes are printed on both sides, while Reichspfennig are printed on one side only. 


Prices for reference:

  • Mercedes 540K - RM 42,000
  • Volkswagen - RM 900
  • Fountain Pen - RM 10
  • Wrist watch - RM 10
  • 1kg of bread - 35 Pf 
  • 1kg of pork - RM 1.60
  • 0.25kg of butter - 60 Pf
  • 1kg of port - RM 2
  • Bottle of beer - 25 Pf (in a bar)
  • Shot of cognac - 20 Pf (in a bar)

For Adolf Hitler's salary was RM 1500 a month. Skilled worker in heavy industry earned ~RM 180 per month.

Wehrmacht Banknotes

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