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NOTE: $5 for each postcards sold will go to Polish Humanitarian Action supporting Ukrainian civilians afected by the war. 


Krause Papierwerke designed postcard celebrating brave Ukrainian soldier Roman Hrybov, who in  February 2022 responded to request to surrender received from the flagship of Russian Black See Fleet with famous "Russian warship, go fuck yourself" (Русский военный корабль, иди на хуй). 


The postcard depicts artistic depiction of missle cruiser Moskva with a Ukrainian soldier showing the middle finger. Below is the the quote of Mr. Hrybov in Russian.

The reverse says "Missle Cruiser Moskva, 1979-2022" and on the divider line between address field and correspondence "Russian warship, go fuck yourself - Roman Hrybov, 24 February 2022".


The stamp is a reproduction of the famous and now valuable stamp designed by Boris Groh and issued by Ukrainian Post Office. The stamp is canceled with a cancel showing the outline of the Snake Island (where the incident happened) and quote of Roman Hrybov's reponse with the date when the stamp was first issued (12. April 2022). 

"Russian warship, go fuck yourself" Postcard #2

PriceFrom $9.90
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