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Reproduction of autographed picture. On photo paper, dimensions: 4x6" (10x15cm).


Otto Skorzeny - before he got assigned to special operations unit, he was a junior officer making sure the vehicles of 2nd SS Division "Das Reich" are moving. He earned his first Iron Cross on the Eastern Front for recovering a vehicle under enemy fire. 

His most famous action was recovery of Benito Mussolini from captivity with a group of German paratroopers.


History of Skorzeny's face-scar (source:

He was a noted fencer as a university student in Vienna. The scars on Otto Skorzeny's face resulted from the ritual known as the "Mensur", a fencing match considered a rite of passage for German Students that were members of University fraternal organisations. ("Verbindungen", also "Burschenschaften" or "Corps"). He engaged in thirteen personal combats. The tenth resulted in a wound that left a dramatic scar - known in academic fencing as a Schmiss (German for "gash") - on his cheek.Before ww2 the vast majority of German Students belonged to such organisations, which were banned by the allies after the war until 1956. Often the facial scars inflicted during the Mensur were considered badges of honor. Walther Schellenberg had a similar scar.

Otto Skorzeny - signed photo

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