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There's no better time to get second citizenship! Why not of the Third Reich!? Order this beautiful naturalization certificate (Einbürgerungsurkunde) and take benefit of all rights of German citizen of the Third Reich! :-)


For non-personalized version you will get blank document with office stamp and signarure (if you want them removed, please submit it in comments)


For personalized variant you will get it fully completed and ready to frame and hang on the wall. It will be filled out on a ww2-period German typewriter. Make sure you provide necessary details to me (or request I fill it out with random data):

- first, last and middle name(s)

- maiden name for married women

- place of residence (city)

- place and date of birth

- date of naturalization to citizen of the Third Reich

- optionally serial number of the certificate (bottom left corner)


While you got your new citizenship, why not to get a passport as well - check it out here

Naturalization Certificate (Einbürgerungsurkunde)

PriceFrom $5.00
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