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Certificate and autographed picture!
Accurate to the last pixel aged reproduction of a Knight's Cross award certificate for Kurt "Panzermeyer" Meyer. He earned it for spectacular successes in the Greek campaign. Certificate is printed on appropriate thickness/size cardstock paper, aged (on both sides). 

The autographed 4x6 photo of the hero comes with the certificate optionally. 


Story of his nickname:

"Meyer’s nickname, “Panzermeyer”, has nothing to do with armoured warfare. While in training in the Police Academy at Schwerin, Meyer decided to play a prank on a fellow student. His plan was to throw a pail of water on his classmate from the roof of a two story building, but Meyer slipped and fell. He landed on his feet, but suffered over 20 fractures. He was expected to die, but he recovered to full health. After this, Meyer’s classmates christened him “Panzer” because he was as tough as a battle tank." - from

Meyer - Aged Knight's Cross Certificate + Photo

PriceFrom $9.50
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