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Pixel-accurate reproduction of Air Gunner Badge award certificate. They were available in two variants:

  • with Blitzbündel (version from 1936, retired in 1942)
  • without Blitzbündel (starting from 22 June 1942)

Blitzbündel (bunch of lightnings) was symbolizing radio operators.

Badge would be awarded to flight engineers, shooters and radio-operators (non-pilot staff) for at least 10 combat missions. If you got wounded earlier, you might also qualify. 

As with all Krause Papierwerke documents, it can come empty or filled out (on a period German typewriter). For filled out version, please provide:

  • rank
  • name (first and last)
  • award date (should be after June 1942 for historical accuracy)

Air Gunner Badge (Fliegerschützenabzeichen)

PriceFrom $3.50
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