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Four NSDAP half-yeary membership dues stamps - good to cover a 2 years of NSDAP membership! Issue 1939-45.

Good for Membership Cards and Books. Proof of the membership dues paid to the party. 

Avalilable in number of the denominations depending on family's income (see below). 

All stamps can come clean, or stamped "NSDAP bezahlt" (they would be normally stamped if in a book or card).


Depending on number of factors your dues would differ. In principle, if

  • you joined before 1. April 1933, you'd pay 1.50 a month, or 1 per month when unemployed
  • for later members you'd pay depending on your household's monthly income
    • <200: RM 1.5 (10.80 for 0.5 year, incl. Hilfskasse)
    • <400: RM 2 (13.80 for 0.5 year, incl. Hilfskasse)
    • <600: RM 3
    • <800: RM 4 (25.80 for 0.5 year, incl. Hilfskasse)
    • <1000: RM 5
    • >1000: RM 8
  • for members in particular hardship, the dues would be reduced to RM 0.5

If you want to know more about NSDAP membership dues check out my blog article on that topic!

NSDAP Dues Stamps, half-yearly, 1939-45

PriceFrom $5.00
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