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Reproduction of autographed picture. On photo paper, dimensions: 4x6" (10x15cm).


Handsome Luftwaffe ace - Werner Mölders. First to shoot down British fighter - Hurricane. First fighter pilot to receive Knight's Cross. Died believing Germany is undefeatable (in November 1941) in an accident. Aged 28. 


Interesting story of Mölders' Knight's Cross:

On 5 Jun at about 1840 hours, he was shot down near Compiègne, France by French pilot René Pomier-Layrargues in a D.520 aircraft. He bailed out successfully, but was captured on the ground, becoming a prisoner of war for the following three weeks. While in captivity Mölders met Pomier-Layrargues, who would be killed in action later on the same day of their meeting. During his captivity, Mölders had his Knight's Cross medal stolen by a French guard, but the officer Capitaine Giron located the stolen medal and returned it. After Mölders was freed, a guard who had mistreated him was sentenced to death. Mölders requested Luftwaffe chief Hermann Göring for clemency for the guard, which was granted.

    Werner Mölders - signed photo

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