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A perfectly accurate reproduction of a typewritten and signed letter Albert Einstein sent to Jesse Mendheim from New York in March 1935. The real-size front page of the anti-semitic newspaper "Der Stürmer" from 1936 is included. The autographed 1935 photo (official Princeton University portrait photo) comes optionally. 

You can also choose the letter with or without cofee-cup stain. 

English translation of the letter comes with the original German.   


Albert Einstein, born in Germany, left his homeland for the USA after Hitler came to power in 1933 and even renounced his German citizenship. Naturally he became public enemy for that reason and the fact he was a Jew. The fact he won a Nobel prize in 1921 didn't make much difference. 


What's in the letter?

In the letter, the famous scientist thanks Mr Mendheim for sending him a issue of German anti-Jewish propaganda tabloid "Der Stürmer". He also tells him the Stürmer editorial office itself sent him good number of the issues earlier. Einstein's intention was to keep "the collection" and use it to bring awareness of "what the real nature of Hitler's regime is".  

Albert Einstein - letter and signed photo

PriceFrom $17.00
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