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General Assault Badge

(Allgemaines) Sturmabzeichen

The General Assault Badge (German: Sturmabzeichen) was a German war badge awarded to Waffen SS and Wehrmacht Heer soldiers during the Second World War. It was awarded to the ones who had indirectly participated in 3 or more assaults. 

It was awarded in number of levels:

  • 1st Level - for support of at least 3 attacks (the only one available prior to July 1943)

  • 2nd Level - for support of at least 25 attacks 

  • 3rd Level - for support of at least 50 attacks 

  • 4th Level - for support of at least 75 attacks 

  • 5th Level - for support of at least 100 attacks 


Krause's General Assauly Badge collection includes:

  1. Award Certificate that can be personalized with the name of the receipient of your choice (and more)

  2. Medal presentation envelope faithfully reproduced with wax-like shiny brown paper

These products would make a great addition to your collection, display, or a present! 

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