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Magnificante reproduction of a identity card for Berlin 1936 Summer Olympics participants. Can be filled out to your specification with your photo on it!


The front of the card contains

  • personal information - name, date and place of birth, and current address in home country
  • stamped photograph (send jpg to for filled out version) and
  • handwritten signature of the owner (you will do it yourself)


The reverse identifies which group the owner belongs to

  • active participant (athlete)
  • leader of the representation
  • coach or assistant
  • member of the olympic organization
  • official reporter, or
  • a family member of any of the above

It's stamped and signed by the president of national olympic commitee at the bottom (stamps and signatures for USA and Germany available).


Filled out version will have all the information typewritten, your picture (real photo) attached and the reverse is signed by the president of your nation Olympic Committee (Avery Brundage for the USA or Hans von Tschammer und Osten for Germany).


More history about the Identity Cards:

Over 12 thousand cards like that were issued in the summer of 1936. The blank cards were sent from Germany to olympic committees of all participating nations for distribution to individuals in need. 

The Olympic identity card entitled the holder to the following privileges:

  1. Grant of the German travel vise free of charge by the German consular authorities.
  2.  Reduced fares on all steamship, railway and air lines of the world. The extent of the reduction could be seen in a booklet published by the Organizing Committee, "Travel and Transport Reductions."
  3. Customs facilities granted by the Reich Ministry of Finance.
  4. 50% reduction in fares on the German State Railway, and free baggage up to 75 kilogrammes including sports apparatus.
  5.  Free travel on all Berlin systems of transportation.
  6.  Special advantages for the "Chefs de Mission" after arrival in Berlin; these including the right of admission to the seats reserved for competitors in the Stadium

The Olympia identity card did not confer the right of free admission to the scenes of competition

without a participants' badge or participants' ticket.

Olympic Identity Card - Berlin 1936

PriceFrom $10.00
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