Award certificate for General Assault Badge (Sturmabzeichen). It can be ordered blank, or filled out with name and unit selected by you. The filled out version will be typed out on a period German typewriter and include unit stamp and signature of the awarding officer. 

Award instituted on 1 June 1940. From 22 June 1943 four additional levels were introduced (2-5th). 

  • 1st Level - for support of at least 3 attacks (the only one available prior to July 1943)
  • 2nd Level - for support of at least 25 attacks 

  • 3rd Level - for support of at least 50 attacks 

  • 4th Level - for support of at least 75 attacks 

  • 5th Level - for support of at least 100 attacks

Printed on appropriate A5 paper.

General Assault Badge - Certificate

Filled out
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