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Recreation of the postcard commemorating the 50th birthday of Adolf Hitler. Optionally comes with a stamp showing him in Braunau after annexation of Austria (1938) and canceled with a special birthday cancel. 

The postcard shows lists 16 accomplishments of the dictator in the first 6 years in power. It's very interesting to see what was advertised as the accomplishments:

  1. Elimination of the federal states 30-Jan-1933
  2. Elimination of the labor unions 22-Jun-1933
  3. Elimination of political parties 22-Jun-1933
  4. Exit from the League of Nations (predecessor of United Nations) Oct-1933 
  5. Cleansing of the art- and culture-scene (i.e. removal of Jews and other undesired elements) Oct-1933
  6. 4-year plan Feb-1933 (that one's interesting, as it was only in 1936 when the 4 year-plan of rearmament was devised... was there a different one?)
  7. Introduction of mandatory conscription 16-Mar-1936
  8. Remilitarization of Rheinland (first open violation of the peace treaty) 7-Mar-1936
  9. Legislation on "Protection of the Race Purity" (Nuremberg Laws) Sep-1935
  10. Expressways construction (Autobahn) Jul-1935. Actually the first segment between Frankfurt and Darmstadt opened on May 19, 1935
  11. Motorization (?) Feb-1933
  12. And the most spectacular - peaceful teritorrial gains:
    • Reunification of Saar with Germany (as a result of a referendum) Mar-1935

    • Annexation of Austria Mar-1938

    • Annexation of Sudetenland (part of Czechoslovakia) Sep-1938

    • Annexation of the rest of Czechoslovakia Mar-1939

    • Annexation of Memelland Mar-1939


The optional stamp pasted onto the reverse of the card says: "Der Führer in seiner Geburtsstadt Braunau 12-3-38" meaning "The Führer in his birth-town Braunau on 12th March 1938". It's an actual stamp. Cancelled with a special commemorative 50th anniversary cancel from Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg or Braunau (your choice!)

Adolf Hitler - 50th Birthday Postcard (Achievements)

PriceFrom $7.50
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