NSDAP Membership Book (1933)


In this article, I'll explain some history and the content of an NSDAP Membership Book (NSDAP Mitgliedsbuch) focusing on the edition from 1933.

Reproduction of 1933 NSDAP Membership book is available from Krause Papierwerke, as well as all the due and donation stamps you would need to complete the book. For completeness, in the first year of membership a membership card would have issued. You can find all you need in NSDAP Collection of Krause Papierwerke.

Reproduction of 1933 NSDAP Membership book by Krause Papierwerke

Brief history of the NSDAP Membership Books

My research led me to believe that prior to 1927 there were no books, only cards. I identified so far the following NSDAP Mitgliedsbuch issues:

  1. the 1927 issue - interestingly had only space for 6 years of stamps, so the member would get 1933 issue book after this one

  2. the 1931 issue

  3. the 1932 issue

  4. the 1933 issue (focus of this article)

  5. the 1935 issue

  6. the 1939 issue

There were changes in each issue which, sometimes minor, sometimes more significant. I will describe them in subsequent articles devoted to each of the issues.

Who and when would receive the membership book

Any accepted applicant would start off with Membership card first. You can see three different issues of these on Krause's NSDAP Collection page. After 1 year of uninterrupted membership, the member would return their card, pay processing fee of RM1 and receive the book. The book did not contain fields for pasting Hilfskasse fee of RM0.30 a month, so each member would additionally have a Hilfskasse Card with its own stamps until 1939, when RM0.30 fee was included in the members dues. Hilfskasse money was used to help NSDAP members in trouble (before 1933) and pay pension to families of members who gave their life for the cause.

Content of the 1933 issue


Specifications of the 1933 issue

  • Dimensions: 135mm (5 1/4") high, 105mm (4 1/8") wide, ~3mm (1/8") thick (48 pages)

  • Red textile hard-cover with NSDAP eagle debossed in gold

  • Pages inside white, no smooth texture, thin (ink writing and print could be seen through the pages)

Hints for filling out the book

  • Use ultra-fine fountain pen, or Pilot G-2 0.38mm. This will reduce bleed-through. Originals I've seen were indeed filled out with ultra-fine fountain pen for the same reason I believe.

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