Krause Papierwerke Loyalty Program

Golden Patron of Krause Papierwerke

Continued existence and expansion of Krause Papierwerke is due to the base of its loyal customers. Returning customers receive a discount on their subsequent orders. Customers who came back for even more and purchased goods in excess of $300 in a single year enjoy a special status of Golden Patron of Krause Papierwerke. This status entitles them to: 

  • Custom made, numbered, gold-gilded certificate signed by hand by the founder Oberst Krause himself

  • Special status and relationship with Krause Papierwerke giving them priority for custom orders and eternal gratitude of Oberst Krause

Aside from the perks, ​Golden Patrons help Krause Papierwerke in a mission of preserving history. In particular one of the most vulnerable artifacts of it - increasingly rare paper collateral of this dramatic period of human history. 

Thank you for your help in this fascinating mission!

Oberst Krause.​